Nov 28, 2016

Exercise Equipment – Choose The Right Ones

You may not be the quintessential fitness freak, but you probably are someone looking to incorporate fitness in your lifestyle. You probably hate going to the gym, sharing equipment with many people, seeing so many people working does not excite you, it probably is annoying or you just don’t have the time to spend commuting back and forth to the gym. The idea of having equipment at home, so that you can work out in a gym is perhaps more appealing to you. You just don’t want to buy any equipment but are on the lookout for some pro gym equipment. That’s a great step forward. Kudos! You can even do some more research to find the workout that’s perfect for you. Check out

Your next task requires some more work and it might get really confusing out there. You want equipment for your home, and go to all kinds of online stores. There are hundreds and thousands of options to choose one. So how do you get your selection right?

Here are some quick tips that can you can read up on and implement. Before you immerse yourself into an array of equipment, here’s the first point of clarity.

Your training will involve two specific types – cardio and strength/ weight training.

What Are The Equipments For Cardio Training? Cardio as the name suggests pumping up your heart rate. It helps to burn calories, strengthen heart and lung capacity, and pumps up your rate of metabolism. Also you can incorporate some cardio-vascular exercises. Would you like to get the experience of running, right at your home?

The equipments you can choose from are exercise/ recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, cross trainers, pedal exercisers and stair steppers.

What Kind Of Treadmills Are Available? There are the basic manual treadmills. These are basically belts that move, as you walk on them creating momentum in alignment with the speed with which you walk. When you stop, the belt underneath stops as well. Manual treadmills are inexpensive options but not enjoyable. A lot of energy goes into moving the belt with your walking/ running as against just running with focus on your running and cardio regimen.

Digitally powered treadmills on the other hand are quite sophisticated. There is a power to move the belt at speeds that you can set, depending on whether you plan to walk, jog or run, you can set the exact speed. You also have options to change inclinations, so as to give you the feeling of running uphill or downhill. Besides, they can measure calories burnt, heart rate, number of miles run and a whole of information is packed into them.

Why Should You Opt For Elliptical Trainers? Elliptical trainers are designed to sculpt many muscles at the same time. You can change the resistance levels here too. The higher-end ones can run reverse mode too, are smooth and not rigid.

What Are The Types Of Rowing Machines Available?

Rowing machine is one the most efficient machines if your goal is to burn fat. All your muscles are engaged in exercise with a rowing machine. There is always a preference for the high-end models here as well as the benefits are way too huge to be ignored.

Is Exercise Bike A Good Option? These are specific to leg muscles and you can pedal away while watching TV too! There are three kinds – the ordinary stationary bikes, which are similar to regular bikes but are stationary. You can increase or decrease the resistance and it provides information on calories burnt, distance pedaled etc. The second type recumbent bikes – here you pedal in a supine position. They are beneficial for people with spine or lower back problems. The third type is a pedal trainer for people who do not wish to sit while pedaling.

Overall these are some good machines to choose from to begin your home workout regimen!