Aug 03, 2016

Different Benefits Of Using Online Booking Software

The recent advancement in internet makes your work very simple. You can now book for the hotel room, movie tickets, book a flight ticket, buy a new laptop using the internet. Similar to that you can book your salon appointments in online now. The hair salon online scheduling software enables the salon owners to handle their client's appointments details in the online booking software without the support of the reception.

The seven benefits of using the online booking software are described below.

It saves your time where you don’t want to attend the phone calls for appointments. It is the important benefit of the software because many times when you are treating your clients, phone calls from your clients for fixing an appointment disturbs your work. In the initial days of using this software, you can simply direct your customer to use the software and in future, it becomes the practice of using the online software. Thus the number of phone calls for appointments reduced.

It gives great impression among your client base. The image you get for appointments from the phone booking and online booking is entirely different. For the new clients, scheduling their appointments in the first impression what they receive from your business so online scheduling leaves a positive impression about your business. In the online scheduling method, once the clients book their appointments, a confirm email will be sent to their mail id.

Using the booking software, your customers can book the appointments 24/7 at anywhere even using their mobile device. The booking software in your salon website contains the relevant details like date of appointment, time, the name of the hair stylist prefer by the client etc. Also, the clients see when their favorite hair stylist is available for fixing an appointment with him or her. The booking made by the clients for the specific hair stylist will be available in their schedule list when login the system and the stylist can change their appointments when not available for the particular date and time and the changes alert will be sent to the clients.

Another benefit is it reminds automatically your appointments. Every salon owner faces this problem often that the customers forget their appointments and visit at wrong date or time. The automatic update reminders feature available in this online booking software reminds your client appointments to them via e-mail or SMS.

You can access your calendar anytime even at day, night while in travel, shopping etc. You can get the advantage of accessing your calendar and plan your working accordingly. You can login your mobile device, computer, tablet and check the calendar wherever you are.

Your clients can even fix appointments through your Facebook page. Simply you want to link the booking software on your Facebook page so that the customers can fix an appointment through their Facebook profile. Online booking prevents duplicate booking and other problems caused by poor booking.

It prevents using a lot of excel spreadsheets and other files to manage your client booking data. Using online the booking software you can handle the entire booking details of your salon.