Getting Your Vehicle Out of impound

Getting Your Vehicle Out of impound

Where you park your vehicle depends on the regulations of the state or county you are in. According to Auto Towing in San Francisco, you need to call 311 from within SF. Each city is different.  Parking your vehicle across sidewalks, intersection or bus stops is not allowed. There other several parking laws that every driver is supposed to understand and abide by. In cases where your vehicle is parked in the wrong place, you receive a parking fine ticket at your windshield. In a case where you have parked your vehicle in an unsafe area, it will be towed to an impound lot.

If your vehicle is towed, it is taken to an impound lot. The lot can either be private or state-owned depending on the enforcing agency. If your vehicle is taken to an impound you are supposed to do the following

Impound lot in San Francisco CA

Locate your vehicle

If your vehicle isn’t where you parked, most likely it has been towed.  To locate your vehicle call the parking authority to find out whether your vehicle has been towed. Your vehicle license plates will be used to locate whether your vehicle has been towed. Call an emergency phone line especially the police to inform them of the missing vehicles. You can also ask around to know who has gotten away with your vehicle.

Gather essential information

Gather the necessary information of the impound lot after you know your vehicle has been impounded. The information you need is first when your vehicle will be available for release. Releasing a vehicle from an impound lot is a process that require paperwork depending on the impound lot. Have the direction to the impound lot or whether you have first to the necessary offices. Find out of the necessary paperwork required for the release of your vehicle. You need documents such as the driver’s license. There is also fees charged for your vehicle to be released from impound. Find out how much is required and tag along with the money

Picking up your vehicle from impound

Impound lots are very busy places and require you to wait in line. It therefore, advisable to have all the necessary documents with you and also your car keys.  Pay all the necessary fees required as well as the necessary paperwork for your vehicle to be released. You will require to drive your car in the driveway make sure the person getting your vehicle is a licensed driver.  It is therefore, important to have the necessary information.

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