Aug 30, 2017

Be The Picasso Of Your Garden!

Designing our garden is an interesting and refreshing task. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience and creativity. Waking up to see colorful flowers and smelling the aroma of fresh fruits will instill the much needed positive energy in us every morning.  The internet overloads us with numerous suggestions like landscape architects Perth when we browse about landscaping. Sources from websites like throw light on various inputs required for gardening. Here comes your guide on designing your garden. At the end of this article, you will possess good knowledge about various themes for designing your garden.

Before designing your garden, first, let us educate on the inputs available to design the garden. Nature has gifted us with trees, vines, shrubs and much more. Our job is to make a perfect mix of the inputs most creatively and feasibly possible and end up creating beautiful memories in our garden. The selection of these inputs requires reasonable cognizance on our part about their growth period, hindrances and much more. So, necessary caution should be exercised while selecting the mix of inputs.

Selection Of Trees:

We should exercise reasonable caution while selecting trees. Most of the trees occupy more space in the garden and the roots of a few trees spread around covering a wide area and may affect the building.

Trees are slow growers. Many trees consume more years to grow. So, planting a tree requires your patience to reap its benefits. A wise decision should be made regarding the type of tree and the area to be planted.

Some trees are flowering, some are dwarf, and some are evergreen, and some, shade trees and the list goes on. Nature has blessed us abundantly with various trees. So, depending on the garden area and the other inputs in the mix, trees should be selected wisely.


Next, in the input comes a shrub. Unlike trees, shrubs occupy a little space and are more compact. They require less maintenance. Shrubs can be chosen on the basis such as flowering, evergreen, fast-growing and so on. Rose is one of the popular shrubs and is available in various colors. A perfect mix of colors is a feast for eyes.


Vines are a smart choice when it comes to landscaping due to its flexibility and vigorous growth but are invasive and hence requires good maintenance. When used properly, they could be turned as natural shades.


In order to cover up the remaining soil in the garden, ground covers can be used. They cover up the soil and appear like a lush green blanket on earth. Blooming groundcovers turn our garden into a colorful carpet. They even prevent soil erosion.


A low-maintenance landscaping may demand perennials. Perennials need not be replanted every year, and hence we need not burn our energy and time for maintenance. Perennials may be tall, short or long-blooming.


Limitations for designing a garden are drought conditions, pest control salt-laden soil, the climate of the region and others. In the above case, it is better to choose plants resisting the limitations mentioned above. This will minimize the risks of dead plants which will, in turn, reduce the maintenance work.